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The function of the premium quality engine oil is to Clean, Cool, Cushion and Protect the inner workings of the modern engine while meeting the newest commission standards. All of our engine oils meet the newest API, SAE standards.

Xtreme Proformance Premium SN motor oils are select multigrade automotive lubricants formulated to meet or exceed the warranty requirements of most major manufacturers of gasoline engines.

Xtreme Proformance Premium SN oils provide better fuel economy, oxidation control, and lower emissions than previous generation oils. They also provide for enhanced sludge and deposit control, leading to better overall cleanliness of the engine. They have been formulated and tested to protect the seals in today's engines. They contain additives to help mitigate the effects of water retention and absorption, which can occur when using ethanol-containing fuels.

Xtreme Proformance Premium SN oils are suitable for use in all seasons. All viscosity grades are licensed with the API under the SN specification and API License Number 2047 and meet the requirements of all previous API "S" categories, including SM, SL, and SH. Viscosity grades 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 are licensed as API Resource Conserving and ILSAC GF-5 and meet the requirements of all previous "GF" specifications.

For more information about engine oil products carried by Steel City Lubricants and Supply, please call 412-915-3551.


  • Automotive Motor Oils SM/SN/GF5
  • API Licensed Motor Oils
  • Conventional
  • Semi Synthetic
  • Full Synthetic
  • Heavy Duty Diesel API CI-4, CJ-4, SM
  • Altra SHL dexos1 5W30
  • Two-cycle BIA-TC-W III
  • 0w-20
  • 5w-20
  • 0w-30
  • 5w-30
  • 10w-30
  • 10w-40
  • Non-detergent


  • Commercial Fleets
  • Automotive
  • Industrial

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