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Metalworking Fluids

Xtreme Proformance AL is a high performance metalworking fluid. It is an excellent choice for machining and cutting any metals, but it is especially effective on nonferrous metals. Since it contains no oil, it is fully biodegradable. It is formulated with a mixture of fatty acids and triglycerides.

Xtreme Proformance Soluble HD 210 is a heavy duty water extendable sulfur-chlorinated metalworking coolant formulated to offer outstanding performance in difficult machining and grinding operations involving hard-to-work metals such as stain- less steel, tool steels, and high nickel alloys.

Xtreme Proformance 218C is a nonstaining, antimisting heavy duty cutting oil. It contains antiweld and lubricity agents to meet the most severe machining operations. Since it is nonstaining, it is ideal for use on copper and its alloys.

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  • Cutting oils
  • Tapping fluids
  • Cold forming oils
  • Drawing oils
  • EDM fluids Grinding fluids
  • Rolling oils
  • Quenching oils
  • Semi-synthetic fluids
  • Soluble oils
  • Synthetic coolants
  • Stamping oils
  • Process Oils
  • Rubber Industry process oils
  • Chemical Industry process oils
  • Asphalt rejuvenators Mineral Seal
  • Ink oils
  • Textile oils
  • Way oils


  • Broaching
  • Cleaning
  • Cutting
  • Drawing
  • Forging
  • Finishing
  • Grinding
  • Heat Treating
  • Heading
  • Honing
  • Quenching
  • Rolling
  • Stamping
  • Tapping

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