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General Lubricants

Circulating oils
Spindle oils
Reciprocating compressor oils
General machine oil
Machine way lubricants
Stationary engine oils
Mining equipment
Railroad diesel engine oils
Rock drill oils
Steam cylinder oils

Hydraulic Fluids

Rust & oxidation inhibited
Anti-wear hydraulic oil
Detergent anti-wear oil
Zinc free hydraulic oil
Multi-grade hydraulic oil
Anti-leak hydraulic oil

Specialty Hydraulic Fluids

Water glycols
Ucon HP 5046
Phosphate esters
Polyol esters
Synthetic hydraulic oils

Transmission Fluids

Dexron VI
Multi-Purpose ATF
Multi-Vehicle ATF
Ford Type F
C3/C4 fluid
Universal tractor hydraulic
Power steering fluid
TO-4 fluid

Metalworking Fluids

Cutting oils
Tapping fluids
Cold forming oils
EDM fluids Grinding fluids
Rolling oils
Quenching oils
Semi-synthetic fluids
Soluble oils
Synthetic coolants
Stamping oils
Process Oils
Rubber Industry process oils
Chemical Industry process oils
Asphalt rejuvenators Mineral Seal
Ink oils
Textile oils

Specialty Oils

Concrete form release oil
Bar and chain oil
Heat transfer oil
Glass Industry oils
Ring dope
Mold release
Glass polishing oil
Rust preventives
Slushing oils
Coal spray oil
Paper machine oils
Coating oils
Vacuum pump oil
Penetrating oil

Engine Oils

Heavy Duty Diesel , CJ-4/SM/CI-4 Plus, 15w-40
Heavy Duty Diesel CI-4/SL
Automotive API SN/GF-5
Altra SHL dexos1 5W30
Two-cycle BIA-TC-W III

Gear Oils

80W90 - GL5, MT-1
85W140 - GL5, MT-1
85W140 - GL5 with Moly
80W140 - GL5 Synthetic
75W90 - GL5 Synthetic
Synthetic EP gear oils
Straight 90 - GL1
EP gear oils - US Steel 224
Non-EP gear oils
Open gear compounds


Lithium complex
Lithium 12-hydroxy
Aluminum complex
Aluminum complex with Moly Calcium complex
Steel mill grease
Food machinery

Electrical Oils

Inhibited transformer TYPE II


Mineral spirits
Stoddard solvent
140 flash solvent
Rule 66 Anti-freeze
Triethylene glycol
Butyl Cellosolve (EGMB)
Isopropyl alcohol
Narrow cut solvents

Fuel and Gasoline Additives

Diesel fuel conditioners Winter
All Season
Diesel fuel biocides
Home heating oil treatment
Gasoline additives
Injector cleaner
Lead substitute
BMW injector cleaner


Oil dry
Cleaners and degreasers
Biocides and sump saver tablets
Bulk grease tanks
Bulk oil tanks: 100 to 6000 gallons
Oil analysis
Plant lubrication surveys
Product consolidations


Gasoline- Regular, Midgrade, Premium
Diesel Fuel
On Road Biodiesel, Off-road Diesel
Home Heating Oil

Wireless Remote Monitoring

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