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Transmission Fluids

Although the designations of transmission fluids have changed over the years the primary functions have always stayed the same. The special requirements of this fluid is to pro-form the functional duties of a self shifting transmissions, valve operation, break band friction, optimize the torque converter as well as gear lubrication. ATF is also used as a functional fluid in hydraulic systems, power assist steering systems, four wheel drive transfer cases and some modern manual transmissions.

For more information about transmission fluid products carried by Steel City Lubricants and Supply, please call 412-915-3551.


  • ATF Dexron III
  • Mercon V & DexronVI ATF
  • Multi Vehicle ATF
  • Extended Life ATF
  • CAT T/O 4 Fluids
  • Tractor Hydraulic Fluids


  • Automotive
  • Commercial Fleet
  • Industrial

Transmission Fluids Data Sheet

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