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Steel City Lubricant and Supply Wireless Remote Monitoring

Wireless Remote Monitoring

No company wants to see their everyday operations come to a halt due to running out of fuel. No fueling supplier wants their clients run out of fuel, or see their bottom line affected by low drops. Put an end to these worries with Wireless Remote Monitoring, the most user friendly fuel tank monitor on the market!


  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Solar Powered Green Energy Solution
  • Instant Usable Data
  • Wireless Communication
  • 5-10 Minute Installation
  • Customizable Threshold Settings

Each system contains:

  • Water-tight PVC Enclosure
  • Communication Unit
  • 3 Watt Solar Panel
  • Back Up Battery
  • Fuel Sensor
  • All units are covered under a warranty. Please call for details.
Steel City Lubricant and Supply Wireless Remote Monitoring

Reporting Keeps You Informed

Monitoring includes daily reports as well as a report anytime there is activity at the tank (e.g. you receive fuel or fuel is taken). Data is stored and accessed through a secure web portal with your own unique user name and password.

Have Questions? Call 412-915-3551 for more information about Wireless Remote Monitoring.

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